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Do you need a site? Do not hesitate! Do an order right now!
We ensure high quality, interesting design, reliability and simplicity of your site. We will execute your order in brief time period and by reasonable price. To order simply fill out the form bellow or send an email to us on sl.lubart@gmail.com. We will contact you to specify project details after we received an order.
As you have questions, please, contact us through the form on our site or send an email to sl.lubart@gmail.com. We will provide you a detailed and fast reply.

I need a web site! What is my first step?

You already did a first step and we will help you in site creation!
Make an order in the form to the left from this text. Specify site thematics, your design and functional wishes of it.
If you do not know completely how your site should look like it is not a problem. Describe only general aspects in which you are sure. After that we will contact you and specify all other details.
Pay attention! You are not limited by any frames, let your fantasy and imagination fly!

What should I specify in order?

Please, mention next points when you are making the order:
- type of your activity and your site purposes. This information help us to understand specificity of your project and to determine key design aspects.
- numbers of chapters and information of each of them.
- if you need some specific functionality, please, let us know about it.
- will you plan to use few languages? Notify if you plan to use more then two languages in future.
- tell us how your site should look like. Describe main design aspects which are important for you.
- if you have a logo, please, show it. Also notify, if you need a logo.

I do not know how my site should look like.

We use prepared templates or create our own template for design development. It is important to understand advantage and disadvantages of each of this approaches.
If we use prepared template the project will be ready much faster because we need only adapt design to your site and we do not create it from very beginning. The price of this project will be lower. Disadvantage of this approach is that your template can be used on other sites and your design will not unique. But the probability to find another site with identical template is very low. When we choose some template we will only use elements and structure of it. We will not change position or design of any elements. In general we can change template structure but we should discuss this separately. At the beginning of the work we give you a list of templates and you will choose the one suits you the best.
We are able also to create unique design for you. Surely, you can choose and control every element and every colour. You can manage the process of design creation or entrust create design to us. Disadvantages of this approach are that they are time-consuming and more expensive because in this case we need much more time and resources for development.

I need a logo!

We need next information for logo creation:
Your company information.
- company caption
- company activity
Logo information.
- caption (abbreviation) that should be on logo
- additional text (optional)
Describe your logo associations.
Specify colours that should be used in logo.

During development we discuss in details all aspects and offer few logo versions to you.